Lazy Vizsla Defends Its Turf From A Soft Bed

Oscar the vizsla being woken up by the alarm on Easter Monday. Watch Oscar the Vizsla's reaction in the new video here:

Man’s best friend has been bred from the time of wild packs of wolves to provide protection and companionship; to always be on high alert, watching, waiting, and ready to defend its beloved owner at ANY cost.

All of these things are true… unless of course it’s still pretty early in the morning, and you’ve already taken your pup out for its morning exercise. In that case, if you want high-alert, at-the-ready home defense, you may end up with something akin to this sleepy Vizsla:

In case you don’t speak Dog, I’ll translate what I’m sure this adorable guard dog was likely trying to get across:

“Hey. Yeah, I see you there. You better not try anything — otherwise I’ll get right out of this cozy cradle of warmth and comfort to show you how it is! These 1000 threads can’t hold me back if you dare think about coming near this house! You better keep walking, or I swear I’ll unwrap myself right out of this burrito of bedding! That’s what I thought.”

Even if the animated effort is slightly lacking, it’s the thought that counts. Just knowing that your dog cares as your both snuggled up in the early morning hours should make anyone feel safe and sound!