Naughty Dog Gets Into The Kleenex dogbox

Huge mystery!

An owner comes home to find his living room a complete mess, with tissue papers laying all around, and he has to ask, “OK, which one of you made the mess with this paper? Who did this? Who tore up the Kleenex?”

Who was the mischievous pooch? Well, its between Gnarly and Casey, and at first it appears Gnarly may have the guilty face, especially when the owner asks “Gnarly… did you do that? Did you do this right here?”

Gnarly either has the best poker face of all time, or is clearly innocent. The camera slowly pans out to see Casey, who clearly doesn’t understand the concept of covering your tracks.

Busted! With the box still lodged on Casey’s head as he stands in the corner, we have a dead giveaway as to who committed this heinous crime.

After the owner removes the box Casey instantly looks for love and attention, and we all know the owner — let alone anyone — couldn’t stay mad at such an incredibly cute critter.

Watch the video for a nice chuckle: